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  • Immerse yourself in an original Halloween whodunnit

  • Practice Spanish listening skills

  • Interrogate witnesses and piece clues together

  • Create time lines and practice past tenses

  • Practice and learn true crime Spanish vocabulary


What happens when the beloved character from Day of the Dead, la Catrina, is found dead in the cemetery by her husband, don Esqueleto, the day after Halloween? The Day of the Dead is cancelled and a story of cat and mouse unravels from there.
Discover Catrina’s secrets, talk to her friends, and beware of her enemies. 

  • Learn about la Catrina, a symbol of the Day of the Dead

  • Learn about the important difference between Halloween and Day of the Dead

  • Learn how Mexican culture celebrates life through death

  • Learn the vocabulary of Day of the Dead


Inspectora Gatita has her paws full! Meet Vlad, el vampiro; Malvada, la bruja; El Duende; Peludo, el hombre lobo; and La Llorona, Catrina’s former best friend. They are all on Gatita’s list of suspects. They all have a motive, but only one has dunnit…

  • Learn Spanish spooky vocabulary

  • Analyse monsters' individual profiles and find el asesino

  • Develop theories and back them up with evidence

  • Look for hints and clues EVERYWHERE!

  • Expand your list of descriptive adjectives


Un rugido escalofriante, el olor a pan de muerto, un murciélago agresivo, los gritos de la Catrina…
Interrogate the two main witnesses, la Momia and el Espantapájaros, and find out what they saw, or heard, on that cold Halloween night around the witching hour.  

  • Narrate past events

  • Practice the form and use of Pretérito Indefinido and Pretérito Imperfecto

  • Recognize and extract key vocabulary of Halloween

  • 4 listening activities to develop comprehension

  • Practice writing through an array of activities