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If you are seeking out a more well-rounded education where you will get to immerse yourself in language learning and the culture and history that comes with it. You want to learn through critical thinking and understanding. You are very committed to learning Spanish to proficiency and ready to work hard and be challenged.


If you experience lack of confidence in bigger group courses, this is the learning option for you. We will help you produce with confidence. Additionally, it's perfect for students who have plateaued in their learning journey or feel lost after years of trying to learn Spanish unsuccessfully.


If you have a busy schedule and want maximum flexibility, this is the learning option for you! Additionally, this is the way to go if you want your tutors undivided attention, where you will get the optimal amount of feedback, practice and production. This will result in faster learning, higher accuracy and more confidence when speaking.


If you want to be continuously supported outside lesson hours, this is for you! You will be able to contact your tutor through messaging apps and get answers to your questions asap. You will enjoy all our current and future premium content for FREE, including access to online flashcards, premium resources, videos, book clubs and movie nights.


Undivided, individual attention that guarantees faster progress.
Learning takes place in low-pressure setting without performance anxiety nor peer comparison.
Students receive better, regular, well-targeted and more personalized feedback that aids memory retention and accuracy in production.
Fewer time constraints: more time for questions and for a deeper dive into the multi-layered mechanics of the language.
Lessons are tailored to your individual needs and goals. According to studies (1983, Krashen), students acquire language best through the modified input of the teacher
Flexibility: change your lesson time or number of lessons you have per week.
Students contribute more to lessons and are directly challenged by being put in an active role, allowing for more functional output and practice.
Students receive a personalized, monthly study plan with detailed, written out curriculum, film and music of the month.
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All our 1-2-1 students conduct supported research on Hispanic culture and history and are regularly exposed to history, pop culture, societal norms, traditions and customs. They make presentations, read and watch news, write film reviews and listen to diverse genres of Hispanic music. Your tutors will navigate, support you through and provide you with cultural immersion. This is all essential to learning Spanish and to being able to use it effectively in communication with native speakers. Understanding culture will give the right meaning to each new word you learn. Knowing why and how native speakers live and talk will increase your engagement and make your learning experience more memorable than solely learning about verb tenses, adjectives and conjugations.


As a 1-2-1 student, you can participate in our monthly book club for free, and you will receive all our premium resources, materials, videos and pre-recorded courses for FREE. We create resources that target your individual needs and interest as well as educational outcomes and objectives. We will continuously provide a plethora of diverse and quality learning sources that you can work on outside lesson hours while still being supported by your tutor. If you want to work hard on plethora of diversified and abundant quality content, RLC is the school for you!


Our students are informed of every step in their learning journey. We believe that students' awareness of the process of learning - what is being taught, how and when - is a crucial part of their learning. Our 1-2-1 students are given a tailored monthly study plan where functional objectives are clearly presented as well as our plan on how to reach them. We will work together to create a routine and help you learn how to learn efficiently and effectively. With RLC, you will never feel lost nor uninformed.


We support our 1-2-1 students outside lesson time, regularly communication on messaging apps and advising them. You will be taken "tras las bambalinas" where you will gain a deep understanding of Spanish language. Individual learning allows for more time dedicated to learning with enjoyment and critical thinking. Tutors give weekly written feedback on their work to all 1-2-1 students , targeting weak points and catching errors in time. This allows us to cater to your needs more precisely and you to reach fluency faster.


How much does it cost?

1:1 Online Language Lessons are charged at $34. This is a premium service that aims to develop individuals overall knowledge and linguistic skills in a tailored and well-targeted way. We offer discounts if a bulk amount of sessions is booked. In addition, we offer special discounts for small group learning for families and couples.

Who is this for?

For everyone who wants or needs help learning their target language! We have extensive experience with people of all ages and abilities: children, teenagers, adults and mature learners. Each of these groups requires a different approach to learning and lesson delivery, all in order to draw on their strengths.

However, we have identified that our 1-2-1 lessons work best for people who are linguistically curious, dedicated to working hard, who want to achieve higher levels of accuracy, and want a more well-rounded education in Spanish.

Can I book only one lesson?

We require a minimum of 6 sessions to be booked in order to receive 1-2-1 tutoring. Because the aim of individual learning is a tailored approach that caters to individual needs and goals, tutoring requires careful planning and a lot of tutor’s time and investment before the actual delivery of the lesson. We create a learning journey for all our students which serves as a guideline for progress over time.

Essentially, when you take on 1-2-1 lessons, you are enrolled on a course. It is for those reasons that we set these requirement.

Additionally, if you are an advanced learner and require a few lessons on a subject that you happen to be struggling with (e.g. SER vs. ESTAR), paying as you go is an option, too.

All our potential students get a 30 minutes FREE session during which we will assess your language level and we can discuss your goals.

How can I access my lessons?

We use the Zoom platform to deliver our lessons. Once you book lessons with us, you will receive a link to a Zoom video meeting. 

When can I have my lessons? What if there's a time difference?

Flexibility is part of our service, and we will try our best to cater to your needs. In case that your desired time slot has already been taken, we can try to find the next best time, however, we have a lot of clients and we work on a first-come-first-serve basis thus we cannot guarantee that you will get the preferred time slot.

Additionally, we welcome students all over the world and have lots of clients from the United States in particular.

How long does a lesson last?

We follow the standard  hour of 60 minutes for our 1-2-1 lessons.  Some of our adult learners prefer to book two hours (90 minutes) per session, however, we would advise against that for younger learners and children to avoid cognitive overload.

How often can I have lessons?

As often as you would like and depending on how fast you want to progress.

For beginners (A1-B1), we would recommend twice per week in a spaced out format (e.g. on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays), or a bulk of two lessons in one session (90 minutes weekly).

We require  a minimum of one session per week because language learning demands consistency, scaffolding and progressive overload. The longer the pause between lessons, the more time we have to take to revise previous topics, leaving you unable to progress at an optimal pace.

Can I reschedule last minute?

We require a 24 hours cancellation notice in order to reschedule. We completely understand that sometimes life happens and students need to cancel last minute but at that point, the tutor’s time has already been lost, including the time spent preparing for the lesson.

What happens if I cannot attend?

If you give a 24 hours notice, we will reschedule the lesson. Otherwise, you will lose the fee.

How can I book my lessons?

Please fill out and submit this contact form.

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Couples, families, friends, language enthusiasts, mature learners, university students..

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Tailored to your needs with maximum flexibility.

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Work across all six CEFR levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

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60 minutes hour. Adult students can opt for 90 minutes sessions.

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Just you and your tutor.

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$34 per lesson
paid monthly in full or in instalments.