“No dejes para mañana

lo que puedas hacer hoy”



DELE is an official title awarded by the Instituto Cervantes in name of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.


DELE is a straightforward way to obtain official accreditation for your Spanish linguistic skills, experience and knowledge. It is an amazing, and sometimes necessary qualification that will certify teachers and enrich professionals' CVs as proof of language skills


Unlike a lot of other language competency exams, DELE does not have an expiration date. Once you successfully prepare for it and pass, this award will stay as your professional Spanish accreditation forever.


DELE is an internationally recognized qualification. Whether you need to prove your Spanish skills to a Spanish speaking university, you are applying for a job, or simply want to teach or live in a Spanish speaking country, DELE will be a requirement wherever you are.


DELE is renowned around the globe and recognized by all major companies, agencies, institutes, universities and administrations. If you want to crown years of hard work and your love of Spanish, then preparing for and obtaining DELE is the way to go!


We not only help you prepare for the exam by going through the tasks DELE requires of you, we also track your progress, notice your strengths and weaknesses and create personalized materials on that basis. We'll work as a team to help you develop your correction, comprehension, cohesion and accurate register use. One of the most popular exercises among our students is the ‘correct your own errors’ exercise, which is a compilation of your most common mistakes.


To be truly successful at the DELE exam, it’s not enough to just do the tests and exercises. You must also know HOW to do it. We help our students develop strategies for each part of the exam. Receive little tips and tricks on how to best manage your time based on the knowledge of the exam structure, learn about criteria and expectations of DELE examiners, improve your listening skills through proven strategies and hone your speaking skills.


Written part of the DELE exam is often the hardest for most students to pass as it showcases any gaps in the knowledge of the language. This is why we regularly give out written assignments and provide corrections and extensive feedback. We also target the part of grammar/vocabulary that is lacking and have classes dedicated to improvement of those areas. Our tutor is an academic and a holder of DELE C2 herself so rest assured you will receive proper training and learn how to write and speak at an expected level, whether that’s A2 or C2.


How much does it cost?

DELE Exam Preparations are charged at $35. This is a premium service that includes the work of two expert tutors who will assess your Spanish and develop personalized strategies and materials to help bring it up to the standard. 

Who is this for?

For anyone wanting to obtain DELE diploma.

Can I book only one lesson?

We require a minimum of 6 sessions to be booked in order to receive DELE preparations. Because the aim of individual learning is a tailored approach that caters to individual needs and goals, tutoring requires careful planning and a lot of tutor’s time and investment before the actual delivery of the lesson. We create a learning journey for all our students which serves as a guideline for progress over time.

All our potential students get a 30 minutes FREE session during which we will assess your language level and we can discuss your goals.

How can I access my lessons?

We use the Zoom platform to deliver our lessons. Once you book lessons with us, you will receive a link to a Zoom video meeting. 

When can I have my lessons? What if there's a time difference?

Flexibility is part of our service, and we will try our best to cater to your needs. In case that your desired time slot has already been taken, we can try to find the next best time, however, we have a lot of clients and we work on a first-come-first-serve basis thus we cannot guarantee that you will get the preferred time slot.

Additionally, we welcome students all over the world and have lots of clients from the United States in particular.

How long does a lesson last?

We follow the standard  hour of 60 minutes for our 1-2-1 lessons.  Some of our adult learners prefer to book two hours (90 minutes) per session, however, we would advise against that for younger learners and children to avoid cognitive overload.

How often can I have lessons?

As often as you would like and depending on how fast you want to progress.

For beginners (A1-B1), we would recommend twice per week in a spaced out format (e.g. on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays), or a bulk of two lessons in one session (90 minutes weekly).

We require  a minimum of one session per week because language learning demands consistency, scaffolding and progressive overload. The longer the pause between lessons, the more time we have to take to revise previous topics, leaving you unable to progress at an optimal pace.

Can I reschedule last minute?

We require a 24 hours cancellation notice in order to reschedule. We completely understand that sometimes life happens and students need to cancel last minute but at that point, the tutor’s time has already been lost, including the time spent preparing for the lesson.

What happens if I cannot attend?

If you give a 24 hours notice, we will reschedule the lesson. Otherwise, you will lose the fee.

How can I book my lessons?

Please fill out and submit this contact form.