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Are you struggling to learn a language?

Perhaps you just want to adopt some strategies that could facilitate the process?

I have been there!

With over 20 years of language learning myself, proficiency in 5 languages, MA in Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature with emphasis on scholarly research and with over a decade of studying Romance linguistics and teaching languages to people of all ages and abilities, I have acquired strategies that have helped my students learn languages more efficiently, reach fluency levels more quickly and retain their knowledge longer.

The key to any learning is to know how to do it, and to learn with understanding.



Online language courses to help you reach fluency with understanding!

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Realistic Outcomes

In a decade of teaching languages to people of all ages, ambitions and abilities, I have come to believe that the best way to teach is through taught-provoking delivery, through individual approach that supports people’s natural inquisitiveness, and through positive reinforcement.  Moreover, I’ve always been defined by my strong work ethic and principles. I set high standards for myself, and for all my students because I believe in your ability to succeed.